Solar Geyser

Solar Water Heater

Solar Water Heater (SWH) is the conversion of sunlight into heat for water heating using a solar thermal collector. A variety of configurations are available at varying cost to provide solutions in different climates and latitudes. Solar Water Heater is widely used for residential and some industrial applications.

Solar Domestic Water Heater

It may not be something that’s overly common for Indian households but the Solar Domestic Water Heater is slowly but surely becoming a popular option for the community. Since they rely on the power of the sun, solar domestic geysers are required to be kept outdoors in open spaces like terraces with ample space and naturally, no shade.

Residential Solar Water Heater

Turn to the power of the sun for your residential or commercial water requirements and benefit from instant hot water all year long, at practically no cost.

Whether you run a home, office, hotel, hospital or an industrial establishment, quick and easy access to hot water is not just necessary, but rather, critical to your operations. Relying on boiler technology is not a cost-effective solution in the long-term, running up heavy electricity bills, month on month, year after year.

Water Heater System

Solar water heaters — also called solar domestic hot water systems — can be a cost-effective way to generate hot water for your home. They can be used in any climate, and the fuel they use — sunshine — is free.

Solar Water Heater (Commercial)

This wide array of water heaters help cut down your electricity bills and are suitable for a broad range of applications – from homes, hotels to commercial applications. RV SolarSolution Hot Commercial Series Solar Water Heaters come with an evacuated tube collector system that enables an optimal utilization of solar energy. The PUF insulated stainless steel storage tank prevents heat loss. The RV SolarSolution Hot Commercial Series Solar Water heaters dramatically reduce your electricity bills, help conserve energy and are environment-friendly.

Commercial Solar Water Geyser